Recently Booked Jobs (Videos)



CountryMax Commercial

Commercial, Everyman, Friendly


Spartan Wars

Commercial, British Accent, Antiquity Accent, Video Game


Forever Giant: Ryan Vogelsong (VO starts at 1:19)

SF Giants, Sports Documentary, Narration


Gym Commercial

Health & Fitness Commercial


NOTS Website Videos

Explainer Video, Green Initiative, Environmental


Fitness Video

Website Video, Edgy, Trailer


Necker’s Jeweler’s TV Commercial


SF Giants Spring Training Video (VO starts at 0:19)


Etrexa Ad


Recovery Center for Men of the Palm Beaches

Commercial, Rehab Center


Ooma Virtual Receptionist

Corporate Video, B2B, Explainer Video


Fluoridated Water – Tap into it!

Delta Dental, Oral Health, Explainer Video


Bink Animated Character

Animated character, Cute, Funny


Introducing Waggl

Explainer Video, Waggl, Business Solutions


Vivid Learning Systems Corporate Training

Corporate Training, E-learning


Ramco HCM on Cloud

Explainer Video, Business Solutions


Bud-E Animated Learning Program & Mobile Game


Live! from E.V.I.L.

(Atticus Merle at 3:40)


U.S. E.P.A. Clean Water Proposal Videos


Boston Scholar Athletes Commercial


Dark Strokes 2 Video Game (VO at 2:24 & 7:56)

Tailor Character