Recently Booked Jobs (Videos)



Spartan Wars

Commercial, British Accent, Antiquity Accent, Video Game


Forever Giant: Ryan Vogelsong

SF Giants, Sports Documentary, Narration


Gym Commercial

Health & Fitness Commercial


NOTS Website Videos (Series of 3 videos)

Explainer Video, Blue Charcoal, Green Initiative, Environmental


Fitness Video

Website Video, Edgy, Trailer


Necker’s Jeweler’s TV Commercial


Etrexa Ad


Recovery Center for Men of the Palm Beaches

Commercial, Rehab Center


Ooma Virtual Receptionist

Corporate Video, B2B, Explainer Video


Fluoridated Water – Tap into it!

Delta Dental, Oral Health, Explainer Video


Bink Animated Character

Animated character, Cute, Funny


Introducing Waggl

Explainer Video, Waggl, Business Solutions


Vivid Learning Systems Corporate Training

Corporate Training, E-learning


Ramco HCM on Cloud

Explainer Video, Business Solutions


Bud-E Animated Learning Program & Mobile Game


Live! from E.V.I.L.

(Atticus Merle at 3:40)


U.S. E.P.A. Clean Water Proposal Videos


Boston Scholar Athletes Commercial


Dark Strokes 2 Video Game

Tailor (2:24 & 7:56)


Wisp Resort (TV Commercial)