Demo Reel

Demo Reel | Bay Area Voice Actor



William R. Dougan | TV Commercial Demo

I can create a promo, explainer, or any other type of narration in a similar style as this. If you need music & effects, I can add those too!

William R. Dougan | TV Show Promo Demo

Promo Spots, Sitcom, Family Comedy, Drama, Gotham, Goldbergs, & Marvel’s Agents of Shield

William R. Dougan | TV/Radio Commercial Demo

Produced Commercials, Disney trailer style, Behind the Music, Sports Promos, and more

William R. Dougan | Commercial Demo

Commercials, Accents, Singing

William R. Dougan | Radio Imaging Demo

Radio Station Imaging

William R. Dougan | Character Demo

Characters, Impressions, Accents, Singing

William R. Dougan | Car Commercial Demo

Produced Commercials

William R. Dougan | Animation Demo

Animation, Cartoons, Video Games

William R. Dougan | Heroes & Villains Character Demo

Animation, Characters, Cartoons

William R. Dougan | Movie & Video Game Trailer Demo

Produced Commercials, Disney Home Video style, and more

William R. Dougan | Disneyland Riverboat

Disneyland Ride, Southern Accent, Mark Twain Riverboat